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Specialist Chalet Bungalow Insulation


With today’s fuel and heating costs at an all time high it makes so much sense to insulate your home as well as possible. If you have a brand new house this is not a problem, but with older 1960,s and 1970,s properties, particularly chalet bungalow style buildings where there are many hidden areas of poorly insulated space, it can be very difficult to get to.


I offer a service to insulate these spaces which the larger companies will not generally do. The government does not presently offer any grants in this area so they tend not to get involved with this type of insulation.

I have proved on my own property that it will make a huge difference to warmth and to fuel bills.


Ceilings; can have extra insulation. Modern board products are relatively narrow and can be added over the top of the existing ceiling with attractive tongue and groove finish, so that minimal head space is lost or the old ceiling can be taken down reinsulated and re boarded with plaster board.

Eaves; (The projecting over hang at the lower edge of a roof.) can be broken into, reinsulated and either turned into new cupboard space or resealed.


 Not only will this keep the heat in during winter, giving excellent long term money savings, but it will also help keep heat out too in summer and be the best environmental improvement you can make reducing your carbon foot print on the planet.


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